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Folding plate for shirts, sweaters, cardigans and other clothes.

Foldy is a neat little tool for visual merchandise specialists. It helps to achieve consistent quality in display of shirts, cardigans, sweaters and other similar clothes. Moreover, folding shirts with Foldy is a lot faster than folding without it.


Foldy is made of acrylic material which gives it a smooth and slick surface. Edges are round cut and well polished to avoid damages to the fabrics. Foldy is quite slim yet thick enough to not flex.


Foldy keeps the stack of shirts always in one size.


The 90° edge of Foldy and its size are the key parts of the folding tool. This allows you to put Foldy over the shirt collar which ensures that the product stays still while folding. The edge is also useful to pull out Foldy from an already folded shirt so it wouldn’t damage the item and would keep the folded shape.


Main benefit
The main benefit of using Foldy compared to folding by hand is consistency. It gives the stack of shirts a fresh and tidy look. This kind of display can increase the perceived value of your products. Using Foldy also helps you save time.

Folding shirts with Foldy is up to 5 times faster than doing it by hand.
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