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Visual Merchandising

Designing a purchasing environment means connecting the space, goods and sales methods into harmonized integrity.

Store Layout

The main objective is to ensure the smooth movement of customers in the store and prevent thefts. A well-planned store makes the customers feel satisfied and influences sales. If the goods and assortment change continuously, the purchasing environment must enable new and different places and ways of display. This is possible with a well thought out layout. The key term is flexibility.

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Interior Design of the Store

Colours, volumes and materials do not follow the taste of the designer or customer, but the impression they want to make. With the appropriate furnishing and lighting, the customer perceives the shopping experience as an emotional event that will leave a lasting memory. In addition to the emotional aspect, functionality is just as important – how the customer moves in the shop and how he or she finds goods. For example, the difference in wall colour can create an impression of higher or lower room. Presentation of goods plays an important role in interior design.

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In-Store Communication

Every communication is different from the rest. Once that is acknowledged and an appropriate graphic output is chosen, the information will also be clear, understandable and easily located. The importance of communication in carrying out a marketing strategy and sustaining brand identity is considerable.

In-store communication includes all the different ways of addressing a customer. They can be grouped by levels:


  1. Branding labels – atmosphere, identity message;
  2. Subject labels – spring, autumn;
  3. Price tags – standard tags, promotions;
  4. Informational and directional labels – where, what;
  5. Other – bags, flyers, packaging.
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Display of Goods

Allows, with simple techniques, to add new value to the store and the merchandise and influence sales with low costs. Half of it is science but the rest of it is art and creativity – finding connections and creating „wow“ moments for the customer. The display of goods must be re-arranged after some time to retain the element of surprise, as well as arranged daily to keep a clean and correct image. The display of goods has both routine and creative phases and all employees of the store can participate in it according to their abilities. This is primarily a team effort – knowledge, courage, creativity, will and correctness.

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Facade and Display Windows

The store entrance and the elements surrounding it – the name of the store, display windows, architecture of the building – all reflect the overall concept of the store.


The facade and display window should address the right target group, because it only takes a few seconds for first impressions to be formed. Hence it is very important what and how to say, who you wish to seem like. This is a powerful channel for delivering your message.

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