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Store Concept for Rademar

  After developing new concepts for the displays (2010-2011) we also updated the interior design concepts.   Main changes that support the new concept: Store entrance and sales area are spacious Light and shadows are used to create structure in the room Products are highlighted with spotlights (intensity

BBTools äriteeninduse kontseptsioon

B&B Tools Business Service Concept

  B&B Tools Business Service is friendly, with open and flexible expert service and a shopping environment characterized by practicality, systematicality, comprehensiveness and quality.   Low shelves in the middle of the room provide a spacious atmosphere and help make the product selection easier to grasp; Colours


Graphic Identity and Concept of Turutare

  The concept was created taking into account the uniqueness of the Rakvere bus-station, the description of the target customers and their purchasing behaviour and choice of goods.    Creating the concept began with categorizing the merchandise and sectioning the sales area into clearly defined areas of different


Visual Merchandising for Linette

  Creating harmony between the sales techniques and the interior design.   Keywords in interior design – warmth, softness and intimacy. Keywords in creating product displays – clean and logical. Keywords in communication – clarity and warmth.


Ohoo Outlet

  Ohoo Outlet sales area is inspired by Ohoo Outlet logo and outlet-like display of goods principles.   The store interior is jet black, which frames the whole sales area. Chalk white interior elements give the merchandise a clean and fresh touch. Bright yellow walkway warms and balances the


Selver Convenience Concept

  The Selver convenience concept included the following: the layout of the sales area and the logic behind the placement of convience goods and services The POS (point of sales) area layout interior design solutions   At the heart of the Selver convenience concept is an area which

S1 kaupluse uuendamine

S1 Shoe- and Clothing Store

  The graphic identity of the S1 store is laconic, concrete and "punchy“.   The store interior design provides peaceful grounds to highlight the S1 brand values. The concept and the display of goods support the good quality at inexpensive prices.   Use of the logo and its main colors

rademar outlet

Rademar Outlet

  Rademar outlet overall concept   The display of goods and the graphic solutions of the outlet are clear, straightforward, yet powerful:   The overall graphic solutions are monochrome, framing the sales area and the merchandise. The interior design is modest, making the merchandise (which is displayed based on

robotex messihalli kujundus

Robotex Festival Interior Design

  Robotex 2017 visuals expressed in interior design elements   Powerful red ceiling elements and a different lighting solution help separate the competition area from the rest of the fair centre, making it the heart of the event Strategically placed carpets are used to determine pathways Emotional